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If you have ever worked in an office then you know that you find a range of personalities. Here’s a list of 10 people who you may find in the office. Which one are you?

Chatty Cathy

The one that never stops talking. They will talk about anything and everything. As soon as this person opens their mouth, you know it’s not going to be a quick conversation. There is nothing wrong with being the chatterbox in the office as long as you don’t distract your co-workers and you are still being productive at work.

The Lone Ranger

The lone ranger is the one that’s always quiet in the office and doesn’t really interact with others. They will rarely come out for team socials, and when they do they will usually keep to themselves.

The Workaholic

The workaholics are the ones that are always the first to arrive and the last to leave the office. Always focused on work, usually types the loudest in the office, works through their lunch break. Like the lone ranger they don’t really talk with to their colleagues. When they do it is usually about work.

The Office Clown

The one that’s always cracking jokes. The office clown is great to have around on those dreadful Mondays or during the midweek slump when it feels like time is going slowly because they can liven up the atmosphere of the office and cheer everyone up.

The Loud One

You can hear this person from a mile away. Their volume is always on 10! When they are on the phone you can hear their entire conversation.

The Lazy One

Always on a mission to do the bare minimum at work. It’s a mystery to everyone how this person still has a job. They come in every day and do pretty much nothing all day. This type of worker can usually be found tapping away on their phone texting their friends, or browsing through their social media accounts.

The Gossiper

“But you didn’t hear it from me, though!” The gossiper knows about who is getting fired, who is engaged, and who is quitting soon, way before anyone else does. No topic is off limits with this person!

The John Cena

This is the worker you never see in office because they are always calling in sick! They are similar to the lazy worker, but at least the lazy one makes an effort to show up.

The Foodie 

All this person  wants to talk about is food. They will tell you about the latest recipe they cooked up in the kitchen the previous night, where the best places to eat lunch are at. Another type of foodie that you may find in the office, is the one that is always hungry. They are the ones that are making frequent trips to the kitchen to grab a biscuit or a piece of toast, and their drawer is always packed with snacks. Label your lunch box

The Messy One

And last but not least that person who always has a messy desk. Are they hoarding? Are they living there?

Did we miss any other office personalities out? Let us know in the comments below.

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