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Common mistakes contractors make.

Mistakes are inevitable. During your career as a contractor, you will find that it is hard to be successful without making some mistakes here and there. Here are some common mistakes that a lot of contractors make.

Not tailoring your job applications

If you are one of those people that send out identical applications to job openings. STOP. Sending out generic applications will not do you any favours because you are probably not going to get a response. If you are working with a recruitment agency like us, you should stick to one. Working with more than one agency will damage your chances of landing a contract because if clients are getting your CV from different sources they will see that as a red flag.

Being picky and unrealistic

You can’t afford to be too picky about the roles that you apply for. Unfortunately, you will not always get that perfect contract role that ticks every single one of your boxes. Aim to keep your time in between contracts low. So always keep that in mind when you are rejecting roles because you are waiting for your ideal job.

Quoting an unrealistic rate is also a mistakes some contractors make. You don’t want to come off as inflexible when it comes to negotiations because that will put clients off interviewing you. Try to give an impression that you are reasonable and prepared to negotiate.

Missing tax deadlines

There are key deadlines you must adhere to when it comes to tax and other returns. Make sure you know when your annual tax return deadline is and other company accounts filing deadlines. If you are VAT registered make sure it is paid within a month of your VAT quarter end. You will be charged a penalty for late filing and interest for late payment of any tax liabilities. Have enough money set aside and dates marked in your calendar.

Being under prepared

Contractor interviews are not as intense as for permanent roles but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared. Find out as much as you can about your potential future employer. This might give you an extra edge on any other candidates with similar skills as you.

You should also prepare to be ignored and have your phone calls and emails not returned. Don’t take it personally, agents and employers don’t always have the time to speak to everyone who applies for a role.

Working with a recruiter can help you be more prepared and they can help you avoid some of these and other mistakes in your contracting career. They will also be helpful when it comes to other things such as renewing contracts, find your next contract and building your reputation as a contractor. If you are looking for a contract in the technlogy industry, click here to find our latest opportunities.

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