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Like many people, you may find searching for a job overwhelming. There is so much information available to you it can be difficult to figure out where to start. Here are our top 6 ways a specialised recruitment agency like Berkeley Square IT can help to boost your job search.

We save you time and energy

As recruiters, we know that there are a lot of options out there. As a job hunter, you can spend a large amount of time looking at the wrong jobs sites and you may end up applying for jobs that aren’t suitable for you. However, if you speak to an experienced recruiter who has been on the job for a long time they will be able to help you find job opportunities that are most suitable to you, which will save you from wasting your time.

We know the market 

We offer insight and advice to candidates regarding realistic salary levels, interview tips and market trends. All of our recruiters are well networked and they work with reputable organisations, we know who is hiring & who is planning to expand. Which means that we have access to roles that are not on job boards and can help you get your foot in the door.

Free expert advice

When you are working with a recruitment agency, a consultant can be like a mentor you can lean on throughout your job search. We are used to searching and tweaking CV’s on a daily basis and we will highlight and position your talents and experience in the best way possible. Therefore we can help you build your CV and give you the best chance of securing an interview. Did we mention that it’s all for free?

We can help you add to your skillset

We can help you identify crucial gaps in your skills. We can help you find resources and training course that will add highly marketable capabilities to your CV which can add to your salary expectations.

We can make sure you get the best offer

We will always make sure that you get the best offer once you have secured a role. We know that some candidates can find it difficult to negotiate a higher salary and usually they end up turning down the offer or accepting a job on a lower salary with no prospects of a raise. We can manage and oversee salary negotiations on your behalf and make sure that you get the best offer.

Looking for a job in the technology sector? Speak to one of our consultants on 0117 927 6592 or check out our latest job vacancies here.

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