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Need some help entering the zone?

Do you code to music? Listening to music while coding or programming can increase productivity, improve concentration and mood. Music with lyrics or that you really like can be a distraction in itself. To help you create a distraction-free work environment we have put together a list of music that will help you get your creative juices flowing.

Hip Hop

If Hip Hop is your style of music, then this lofi hip hop playlist on Spotify might do the trick. There is over 100 chillhop beats and lofi hip hop tunes to pick from!


Prefer the relaxing sound of jazz? This is the perfect playlist.


Baroque music that is 50 – 80 beats per minute creates an atmosphere of focus and deep concentration in the alpha brain wave state. Check out this Baroque playlist.


Prefer something with a bit more energy? Check out this dubstep playlist.


This playlist has aerial post rock tracks to help you concentrate and immerse yourself into your work.


This impressive mix of ethereal deep house and progressive house music provides uplifting and therapeutic background music for your music.

We hope that you have managed to find some inspiration from this list to use when you need to focus. Looking for tech or programming jobs? We have plenty of permanent and contract roles here.

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