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The do’s and don’ts of work christmas party

The festive season is in full swing, which means the inevitable work Christmas party. Whether you love it or hate it there are some do’s and don’ts about how to behave while you’re there. To help you navigate your way through the company holiday party here are a few tips on how to celebrate the festive season with your colleagues.

Pace yourself

Drinking too much has to be one of the most common mistakes that people make. Work Christmas parties usually mean you’re in it for the long haul so make sure you’re prepared for it. Eat before you start sipping, you should have plenty of water in between drinks to keep hydrated and avoid mixing drinks! Drinking too much can result in you doing or saying something that you will regret. You do not want to be the casualty that everyone is talking about the next day in the office!

Buddy up

If you know that you are going to find it hard to pace yourself. Nominate a ‘wingman’ to buddy up with at the party. Find a colleague who you are close with and make a pact. That way if one of you ends up crying into the Chardonnay at 10 pm, someone is there looking out for you.

Get involved

Use the party as an opportunity to get to know your colleagues a bit better. Talk to people that you don’t normally spend time with. Don’t just sit in the corner and text your friends or scroll through Facebook or just hanging around people you know. 

Dress Appropriately

Now is not the time to try out that slinky black dress or that ill-fitting suit that has been gathering dust in your wardrobe. Even though it’s a party, you’re still in a professional environment so you should dress appropriately. Depending on the company dressing smart or smart casual is usually a safe bet.  Check if there is a specific dress code/ theme for the party. 

 You should turn up the next day

Unless you are fortunate enough to have your Christmas party on a Friday, the next day is still important. The whole company will have been present the night before so it will be noticeable if you are the only one missing from work. And that is not a good impression.

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