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How to prepare for your interview

These things will help you to prepare for your interview and could set you apart from other candidates; remember, it’s not just about your technical skills. If you take the time to prepare, it could make all the difference to whether or not you get the job.

• Research the company and the people
• How big is the company, in terms of employees? •
• What is the company turnover? • How many offices do they have and in which locations, UK, global? What is their position in the market place and what is their reputation?
• Do they have a key product or service offering and does it set them apart from their competitors. This might be useful if you’re asked why you want to join them.
• Who is interviewing you? Have a look at their website to see if there’s a profile of them or see if you can look them up online either on Google or LinkedIn.
• Find out as much about your interviewer as possible. You may find you have a common interest that you can use to establish a link with him/her at the very start of the interview.
• Speak to your IT recruitment consultant and see if they can tell you anything else which might be useful.

Know your own CV
• Print off a copy of your CV and take a couple of copies with you just in case.
• Be prepared to answer questions about your experience as stated in your CV. Ensure you can talk confidently about your achievements and have examples ready.
• Prepare responses to any weak points that you think might be picked up.
• Know the IT market
• If you get an opportunity, try to talk about current issues or latest developments in the IT market. This will demonstrate that you are in touch with what’s going on in the industry.

You’ll probably be asked some of the following, so have a think about some of your answers in advance so you’re not stuck for words.
• Greatest achievements
• Major strengths
• What are your weaknesses?
• Why do you want the job?
• Why are you leaving your current job (be positive and never bad mouth your current employer) Where do you see yourself in 5 years

Have some questions ready
Remember that this is also your chance to find out about the company so have some questions ready. If you think of enough questions beforehand, it is more likely that you will still have a few left unanswered by the end. This also shows that you are imagining yourself working for your potential employer and are looking at the practicalities.

• Make sure you ask relevant questions about the company.
• Write your questions down and take them to the interview. This will show you have thought about them and you’re well prepared.
• Avoid discussing salary and benefits. This is best left to your recruitment consultant. They negotiate salaries every day and will get you the best offer possible.
• Don’t be afraid to ask how you’ve done at the end of the interview.
• Brush up on your technical skills
• If you know you’re going to be asked to sit a technical test it would be worth doing a bit of revision.