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One of our consultants Shaun Ashbury attended a BCS conference on Monday in Manchester. Here is his account of the conference below!

Attended a brilliant BCS conference yesterday in Manchester hosted by Stephen Williams and presented by Barry Pilling.

The conference was an interactive session focused on ‘How to Fight an audit’ presented by Barry Pilling (Cortex Consulting)….

I picked up on a few simple steps, amongst a whole load of advice and detailed discussion points. Only those who attended can really reap the rewards of the wisdom!

But… the key to fighting an audit is to delay! DELAY, DELAY and DELAY some more! #1 Have your auditors sign an NDA – it is your data, you can’t just hand this over to ANYONE (your lawyers will be thorough and will spend a lot of time on making it right!)

#2 Check for discrepancies – what have they requested? What have they specifically requested? Is there a mistake you can use to your advantage?

#3 Use the security team to check if it’s OK’ to share data – this is another process which must be done thoroughly and they too spend a lot of time making it right! Whilst these delays happen, it creates the opportunity to check for your environment for its own discrepancies.

Hope this helps!

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