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#ITAMSAMSLC  Survey powered by BSQIT

The purpose of this survey to understand how the skills and knowledge of ITAM/SAM practitioners affect salary in today ITAM, SAM and Software Licensing market

This questionnaire is anonymous

*Privacy statement: We respect your privacy. The information you share will not be shared with a third party, nor will it be sold or used for purposes other than to disclose current market trends to better the industry salary to skills standard.
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Part 1

Basic personal questions section

What is you gender?

What is your age range?


What is your employment contractual status?

ITAM/SAM Service Delivery

1 out of 4

Part 2
Personal Career background section

What type of company do you work for?

If you answered "other" please elaborate

What type of company have you worked for in the past? (please tick what is relevant)

Which certifications do you hold

How many years experience do you have working in ITAM, SAM and/or License compliance?

What best describes your position?

Please state the size of your company

If you currently manage individuals and/or lead a team – how many/what size?

What is the size of your estate? (all answers are anonymous and only used to compare against other variable factors to evaluate against associated market salaries)

2 out of 4

Part 3
Personal ITAM/SAM skills matrix section  

What best describes your current work in ITAM/SAM?

Certain questions in the next section will ask you to rate your skill level from 1-to-SME level. How strong is your knowledge/expertise in…

Please rate the strength of your knowledge in…


Data Centre


Please rate your knowledge/expertise in…

Reporting and analysis

Managing stakeholders

Licensing expertise

ITAM/SAM best practice

Data processing

Managing entitlements

Tool configuration/implementation

Audit defence

Tool administration

3rd party auditing

Project management

Vendor negotiation

ITAM/SAM Service delivery

Mergers and acquisitions

Audit strategy

Cost avoidance strategy

Cloud adoption support

Business development

If you have any additional comments to make please leave a comment

How many major IT vendors do you currently personally manage the licensing of?

Please pick your strongest 3 major IT vendors in regards to Licensing? (if other, please state the vendor and associated strength in comments)

If you have any additional comments to make please leave a comment

Please rate your technical expertise in using software discovery tools (if other, please state the vendor and associated strength in comments)

Oracle review lite scripts


Big Fix


If you have any additional comments to make please leave a comment

Please pick the strongest 3 SAM tools you have the most experience in

Please rate the strength of your skill for those you have selected.

3 out of 4

Part 4
Thank you for your participation so far. I want to remind you that the rationale behind this questionnaire is to understand how the previous skills and knowledge variables affect salary! Please provide a true reflection of your current situation to better SOMETHING my survey!

*disclaimer* all information is anonymous and will only be used for the creation of the #ITAMSAMSLC skills:salary survey!

What is your base salary? (the location suggested earlier will be taken in to account!)

What cash bonus & benefits do you receive? (monthly, weekly, annually)
(please state the benefits and value of in ‘comments’)

What is your ‘notice period’? meaning – the time it takes after you resign to be free to start a new position (e.g. 1 month/20 working days)

*this data will be used to compare location and seniority norms

What do you percieve your current value (Value = base salary + bonus and benefits) as within the IT Asset Management, Software Asset Management and Lincense compliance market?

4 out of 4