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If you have worked as a product manager or have done some research into jobs in a product management position you’re most likely familiar with the basic skills required to do the job.

Here are the skills which tech companies look for in product managers.

Tech skills

It is understood that you need to have technical skills to be a product manager should have the technical acumen to prioritise projects. There are some product management opportunities that require an engineering background and others that don’t, but you can never go wrong with learning software basics. It is a great way to boost your application for product manager roles.

Great listening skills

The role involves gathering information from many different sources to help make better-formed decisions about how to guide and improve a product. A product manager will need to listen hear and understand what the competitors and clients are saying.


A product manager is the decision maker when it comes to user experience.  They must be able to make the right decisions in short periods of time. They’re also responsible for flagging user issues, solve problems while remaining calm and manage multiple stakeholders involved in any product launch.

Great organisation skills

Shifting rapidly between a strategic and tactical focus is quite common with a product manager role, therefore it is important to stay organised at all times and keep up-to-date information about features and other product details.

People skills

Managing people is at the heart of every PM role. A PM must be able to delegate but also be hands-on and get involved with the work. They need the emotional intelligence to work with different types of people.


A good design sense is becoming a crucial skill because companies are realising that design is important for great user experience. A PM doesn’t need to have design experience but should be able to point out good UX and UI design.

To be a good Product Manager you must be highly diverse & must master the balance between being tech-savvy and having user empathy.

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